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Best Budget Selfie Drone: Revell Control C-ME

revell controll c-me 20050
Revell Control 20050 is the latest selfie drone competitive to Zerotech Dobby. After the complete success of camera and racing drones, selfie drones have come to the drone market and they have gone viral. Taking selfies with your mobile phones and selfie sticks is old school and the worst part is that you can’t get the perfect angle and the perfect posture at the same time.

revell controll c-me 20050

To overcome all the difficulty, selfie drones were launched. They are easy to use, very effective and makes your photography fun and interesting. You could shoot yourself from any perspective, all you need is to connect your selfie drone with your phone and you could have your own cameraman that will capture you according to your needs.

revell controll c-me 20050Price

Are you Looking for best budget selfie drone that fulfills your needs? Revell Control is one of the cheapest selfie drone available in the market, you could get it in only US$ 230-240. Usually, drones are difficult to carry and while traveling you have to be careful as the propellers and arms could be damaged.

As for Revell Control, it is a pocket size drone with fold-able arms. You could fold the arms and put in your pocket just like your


As you’re looking for a selfie drone, the most vital feature you’ll require is the camera. If the camera isn’t good, then you just wasted a lot of money for nothing. Revell Control is integrated with an 8-megapixel camera that provides 1080p resolution, which is perfect for taking selfies.

Flight Time:

If you look for drones under $230, you’ll hardly find drones that provide more than 8 minutes of flight time whereas Revell Control could fly for more than 10 minutes.

Other Features:

Revell Control is easy to connect with your smartphone, you could operate it with both Android and IOS. You could share your picture just with one go. Built-in sensors stabilize your drone according to the height and position. You could bring back your drone with a single touch and it naturally returns back to you if the battery of your drone gets below 10%. The only con in Revell Control is that the control range is just 20 meters. For selfies, the distance of 20 meters is enough but for professional aerial photography, you’ll definitely need more distance range.revell controll c-me 20050 2

Final Thoughts:

In the conclusion, Revell Control C-ME is a cheap and effective drone highly suitable for taking selfies. If you’re looking for fun and want to experience something new, then don’t wait and get this done now.



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