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Follow me Drones: Cheerson CX-22A FPV Review

Follow me Drones: Cheerson CX-22A FPV Review

Cheerson CX-22A is dual GPS auto positioning Quadcopter developed by Cheerson and available at the price of $759 in the market. The Cheerson CX-22A is prominent for its feature of “Follow Me”.

It has a 5.8 GHz FPV transmission with the camera able to make 1080p videos. It weighs around 700 g with a flying distance of more than 800 m. Let’s check out Cheerson CX-22A in details.

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Cheerson CX-22 is regarded as good quality Quadcopter by drone enthusiasts. The 5.8 GHz power transmission with a camera of 1080p is ideal for home video making.

The Cheerson CX-22 is enabled with Follow Me future. It is empowered with improved Dual GPS system. Also, CX-22 has automatic stability augmentation system. The battery holds the capacity of 5400mAh with flight time up to 25 minutes. It takes around 120 min to charge the 5400mAh battery. It comes with the extended list of packaged items in the good durable quality box. The body is made of ABS plastic which instills the durability.

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Design and Durability:

The design consists of the main body with four extended arms with 4 propellers on it. The 1080p camera is attached to the main shell and it is the main shell attached to the main body. The design is quite simple and compact. It makes it more portable and easy to fly. The compact design tends to have less negative momentum for Cheerson CX-22 during the flight. It can truly be called a mini-drone and have made a quite buzz about it in Quadcopter enthusiast’s group.

It has extreme wind resistant capacity due to an aerodynamic body. The aerodynamic body is coupled with auto stabilization that keeps it more stable during the flight.

The body of the drone is made of ABS plastic. ABS plastic is a low-cost plastic easy to engineer and fabricate and later on the mold. Cheerson CX-22 can sustain a minor crash or damage. It cannot withstand big obstacles and it can damage extensively. The 4 propellers are made of carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is bit expensive but tends to have strong protection against the obstacles and minor hits.


It is Quadcopter type drone with 4 rotors situated on the top of 4 hands or wings of the drone. The rotors are made of carbon fiber. The rotors are small in size and tilted towards the main shell. The small size rotors tend to be good for mini-drones in keeping balance and stability during the flight.


The Cheerson CX-22 is equipped with a 1080p camera with 14 megapixels for good and crisp videography in the home. The camera is suitable for drone enthusiasts. It is not preferred for professional. Those people with budget constraints can look out for CX-22.

The videos can be taken in MPEG-4 and MOV format. Pictures can be captured in JPEG and PNG format.

Battery and Flight Time:

The battery technology used of Cheerson CX-22 is Li-Po battery. It has a battery capacity of 5400mAh with charging time for batteries at 120min. The flying time provided by the battery is 25 min but as tested the battery time average between 21-23 min. The battery charges at 11.1V.

The intelligence battery pack allows better flight time. It has a smart feature to save the drone.  The battery has an automatic sleep function. If the drone is not operated for 10 the product goes into hibernation mode automatically.

 Cheerson CX-22A FPV

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The transmission controller has the total operational frequency of 5.8 GHz. The controller body is made with built-in LCD screen that features in flight control details while the drone is on the flight. The transmission distance for the controller is 800-1000m.

The controller is attached to 7-inch FPV monitor with the speaker having a maximum resolution of 800×400. The FPV monitor with the weight of 600 gm is quite heavy. There is DIP switch location on the bottom right. The controller battery is 2000mAh with JST connector installed in the battery bay.

The main board weighs around 500 g and with the FPV monitor, it is 1.1kg. On the main board, there is a radio with 4 switch buttons. There are two pots that allow controlling the gimbal in pitch and used to roll for the axis. Also, there are three-panel buttons for entering in the menu and navigation purposes. The range is around 800m.


It is an AC/DC adapter that charges the battery in 120 minutes. The charger charges the battery at a voltage of 11.1V.

Vision System:

The drone is not equipped with a forward and downward vision system. There is no VPS and obstacle avoidance system.

App/Live View:

The main drone is controlled by the remote controller. The remote controller consists of FPV 7 inch screen that enables the user to control the drone. The drone does not have any special app that controls the drone or can be used for navigation purposes.

 Cheerson CX-22A FPV

Packing List:

The Cheerson CX-22 consists of following items.

  •    1 x CX – 22 RC Quadcopter
  •    1 x 2-axis Gimbal
  •    1 x Camera
  •    1 x Transmitter
  •    1 x Monitor
  •    1 x CD
  •    1 x English Manual
  •    1 x Quadcopter Battery
  •    1 x Built-in Monitor Battery
  •    1 x Strap
  •    2 x Landing Gear
  •    4 x Propeller
  •    1 x Quadcopter Charger Set
  •    1 x Monitor Charger Set
  •    1 x Tools Set (Screwdriver + Screws + Wrench)
  •    2 x Video Line
  •    1 x Card Reader
  •    1 x TF Card

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Value for money:

Considering the features provided by Cheerson CX-22 in the total price of $759. It does not worth the money. The features in comparison with other drones in the same price range are not justified. It is not worthy on the basis of following grounds:

  • No facility of auto storage: It is quite important nowadays when filming stunning videography.
  • The battery firmware can lock the battery
  • The videos can be hampered with little HF vibration
  • It is very difficult to remove the battery from battery bay
  • No App/Live view enabled which is quite fundamental in nowadays drone
  • The features on the camera need requirement.

Final Conclusion:

When it comes to the features Cheerson Cx-22 comes in better form than its predecessor Cheerson Cx-20. The follow me with smart surround function for designated shooting with GPS positioning make it quite impressive.

The product is quite smart when it comes to the intelligent flight battery time. But as the competition is every growing between the drones and considering the high value charged by the Cheerson. Cheerson is not that competitive in comparison with other competitors.

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