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Best Brushless Motors for Your DIY Drone Projects

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Brushless Motors are the most important part of your DIY Selfie drone or Racing drone because they produce the thrust which is required in order to lift your drone. If you didn’t select the right motor for your DIY drone then at the best your drone won’t fly and at the worst, it may end up with some serious crashes, which of course you don’t want.

So how to buy the best brushless motors OR which ones are the best drone motors? To save you from all of the trouble I’m writing this post in which I’ll guide you about some basic components of the best brushless motors and which ones are mostly recommended by drone enthusiasts.

Now while buying a DIY drone motor always keep that in your mind that whichever motor you are using, it should produce twice the thrust as the total weight of your drone. If the weight of your drone is 1 kg then your drone motors should produce the total thrust of 2kg. Otherwise, your drone won’t fly properly.

Each DIY drone motor is differentiated by its specs. While choosing the best brushless motors you need to compare these specs of different motors, this will helps you to understand that which one suits you the best.

While selection the Right DIY Drone Motor, You need to focus on:

  • Motor Size
  • Motor KV value
  • Motor Weight

Best Drone Motors are differentiated by their sizes, weight, KV value, input voltage and directions (CW & CCW).

There is also the number of N’s and P’s in each brushless motor. The value of N describes the number of electromagnets in the stator while the value of P describes the number of permanent magnets in the motor.

Read our complete guide on How To Your First Build Drone for more details on the brushless motor and their importance on your drone.

These are some of the best drone motors for drones that are mostly recommended by pros.

Emax RS2205

Emax RS2205 is the best brushless motor for drone racing. N52 Neodymium magnets are used in Emax RS2205 which are highly powerful. They keep the motor strength and provide maximum efficiency.

The stator size is 2205 which means that the stator width is 22 mm and stator height is 5 mm. Emax RS2205 produce 2300 RPM per Volt (kV Value).

The weight of each motor is 30g. Input Voltage requires is 3S-4S. The frame of each motor consists of 12N and 14P.

Each drone motor could produce the thrust of 1024g with 5045 propellers. You could buy 4 Emax RS2205 in only 52.99 US$.


Racerstar BR2205

Racerstar BR2205 is one of the most powerful motor available in the market. The height of a Racerstar BR2205 motor is 31.5mm while it’s width is 27.9mm which.

Each motor weighs only 28 grams. They are cheap, efficient and fast. They require an Input voltage of 2S to 4S to power.

Each motor could produce 2300 RPM/Volt (kV). And when it comes to price they are cheap drone motors and each motor would cost you only 7.62 US$.


Brotherhobby Tornado T1 1407

When it comes to performance and strength, no other motor could defeat Brotherhobby Tornado T1 1407. They are the most powerful and lightweight motors. Each motor has the capability to produce 3600 RPM per Volt, which is much greater than Racerstar BR2205 and Emax RS2205.

Each motor weighs only 15.5 grams. The diameter of each motor is 18.6mm while height is 30.6mm. The stator size is 1407 and they require the input voltage of 3S to 4S. Brotherhobby Tornado T1 1407 motor will cost you only 15.99 US$.


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