Why you Should use Filters while Photographing with Drones?

Are you into Drone photography? Then, this article is for you. As you all know, filters are one of the most useful camera accessories for a landscape photographer. So, when you are doing drone photography then consider investing in some good drone filters to create some breathtaking images.

There are many types of camera filters which you can choose as a photographer. But, I recommend using ND Filters and Polarizing Filters. If you want to use slow shutter speed in your photos, during the daytime, then you have to use ND filters. Only it can help you to get a slower shutter speed with the right image exposure. You can create motion blur effect in your images during daytime with the help of ND filters. There is different ND filter options line ND4, ND8, ND16, ND32 and ND 64. You can make use of any of these depending on the amount of available light and the amount of motion blur you want in your image.

The higher ND filters like the ND32 and ND64 are useful during very bright times of the day, during harsh light conditions. Other filters can be used when the light is soft or when there the day is cloudy.

Make sure that you buy good quality ND filters. Don’t go for the cheap ones. Always remember that you are introducing a piece of glass in front of your drone camera. So, it will have an impact on your image quality. It is always good to use an ND filter in harsh light conditions. It can help to reduce the light intensity to the camera to an extent.

The next useful filter for you is the CPL filter or the polarizing filter. It is always good to get more saturated colors in your photos. You can improve the overall image contrast of your image. This is done by knocking of the unwanted light reflection from the water surface and from other surfaces in the scene. You can remove the hazy effect in the picture with the use of a polarizer.

The only thing to take care is the alignment of this filter. So, this requires some practice. Only with the correct alignment, you can get the effect of this filter. So, you should know the position of the sun to your camera to fix it properly on to the drone camera.

If you are looking for a filter which does multiple jobs, then you need to go for hybrid filters. You can get an ND and PL hybrid filters which do the job of an ND filter and a polarizer together. Now, your question would be, why do you need a hybrid filter when you can always stack filters. Stacking filters is not a good idea since it has a severe impact on picture quality.

So, I would recommend to invest in these drone filters. It will definitely help you to improve your pictures and videos. Don’t wait, get some filters and try it for yourself. There are also color filters like the Red, Green and Blue filters. You can even make use of these filters to create special effects in your drone images. So, what are you waiting for? Start exploring the  Photographing with Drones

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