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Things to Consider Before Buying Your First Drone

Things to consider before buying your first drone

Building your own drone is fun but it takes a lot of time and effort and if you don’t have much time and resources, You can buy a Ready to Fly Drone with Camera. There are Many Drones Brands available such as DJI Phantom, DJI Spark, DJI Mavic,  Parrot Bebop, Yuneec Typhoon H, Yuneec Typhoon 4K, 3dr Solo, Eachine Racer and Many More.

There are so many choices for the consumer that it’s very difficult to decide which features your drone must have and which can be ignored.

In this post, we are talking about Most important features that you should look at when buying your drones for any purpose.

Define Your Purpose

Before buying a drone you need to ask yourself: What’s My purpose of buying a drone? Most commonly people buy drones for three major purposes:

  1. Drone Racing
  2. Aerial Photography
  3. Flying Fun (Toy Drones)

Drones are also used for surveying, mapping, construction, search & rescue, shipping, law enforcement and in many other fields. These drones are commercial drones, however, we are going to discuss consumer drones.

So first of all, you need to make sure that what’s the purpose of yours for buying a drone. If you are buying a drone for racing it must be small and fast, but for aerial photography, all you need is a good camera and long-lasting flight time.

Popular Brands for Aerial Photography Drones are:

  • DJI
  • Parrot
  • Yuneec
  • Eachine

Popular Brands for Racing Drones

  • Immersion RC
  • Walkera
  • Eachine

Popular Brands for Toy Drones

  • Cheerson
  • Syma

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Right Drone Size

If you are buying a drone for aerial photography then size doesn’t matter at all. Most of the drones with good video camera usually come in a bigger size as compare to racing drones.

For aerial photography, you’ll need a 4k camera with Gimbal which is usually heavier and thus a bigger drone is required to carry that weight.

Now, if you are buying a drone for racing, you just need a compact size drone. The smaller the drone is, the minimum the air resistance would be. With minimum air resistance, your drone will fly at maximum speed with just a small power. Smaller drones are lighter and faster than bigger drones.


For drone racing, a 600 TVL FPV camera with 720P resolution would be enough. However for aerial photography and video recording you’ll need a 1080p or 4k camera for best results.

Cameras with CMOS sensors are considered more good than CCD sensors. You’ll need to check FOV (Field of View), Wide Dynamic Range, Camera Lenses, and camera weight before buying a drone.

Check out our article about Best FPV Racing Drones Cameras to know more about drone cameras.

Flight Range

Flight Range for drones varies from 30m to 2km. Racing drones have usually less flight range as compared to camera drones.

Flight range of racing drones is maximum 500m while camera drones have transmission distance from 2-7km.

For good photography you’ll need the maximum flight range you could find, so you could capture complex shots from long distance.

Flight Time

To capture stunning photographs and longtime footage, you will need the flight time of minimum 20 mins.

As for drone racing flight time of 7 to 10 mins is enough. As the size of racing drones is small and they should be lightweight, low power batteries are installed to ensure that features.


Just like all the electronics, the price of a drone depends upon the features you need for your drone. Price could vary from 50$-1000$.Camera drones are usually more expensive as compared to racing drones.

More flight time, distance range, camera resolution, and speed come with more prize. Cheaper drones usually have less resolution camera and they come with less flight time and distance range.

So price is totally dependent upon the features you required in your drone.
Racing Drones Budget Range
Best Aerial Photography Drones


Drone accessories include:

  • RC Transmitter
  • FPV Goggles
  • Memory cards
  • Extra Propellers
  • Propeller Guards
  • Battery Chargers

Usually RC transmitter comes with a drone, however, you can buy it online.

To give you FPV display of your drone, FPV goggles provide the best experience but you can also use FPV Screens and your Smartphones as well.

Final Thoughts

Always make sure that you are buying the right drone for the job. Read Specs carefully.


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