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Low Budget Drone: SYMA X8C Venture Drone Review

Syma X8C Picture

Syma X8C drone is the powerful device that can hold the camera to capture the best photos and videos. Syma X8C venture is becoming popular because of its sleek design and best qualities that the quadcopter must have. It is the drone with big size and present under 100 dollars. The user enjoys flying the device because of the following incredible features, continue to read the SYMA X8C Review:

Syma X8C Venture

Syma X8C Specs

Following are the Syma X8C Specs:

Syma X8C Size

Syma X8C drone is available in good size and measures about 50*50*90 cm with the presence of the pop guards.

Box size

The dimensions of the packaged Syma X8C drone are 34.5*34.5*19.9 cm approximately.

Syma X8C Controlling Distance

The user can control the Syma X8C Venture up to the distance of the 70 meters.

Motor size

The coreless motor is present with the size of approximately 15mm.

Syma X8C Weight                       

The weight of the Syma X8C venture drone including camera, pop guards and the Syma X8C Venture battery is approximate 612g.


The beautiful device is available in white color with the combination of red buttons. The same model is also available in the funky orange color.

Transmitter power

Syma X8C Venture is operated by 4*AA batteries. It is not included in the package the user has to buy before operating the transmitter.

Design and Durability

Syma X8C Venture contains the intelligent control system. The 6 Axis Gyro is equipped with the 6-axis control system, 3D lock is present. The Syma X8C drone is made of the semi-plastic material that is not brittle. It can resist high pressure and durable in case if fall from a height, although the size is big it is light in weight. The body consists of two parts that are easily removed by unscrewing the screws that are present on the end of each arm. 4 LED lights are present inside the arm that enables the user to locate the quadcopter in dark.


The Syma X8C propellers are specially designed that resist the breakage if fall from the height. The length of each propeller is approximately 11 cm. It is made of plastic material and the plastic bolts are used to fix with the aircraft

The bolt is fixed with the tiny screw, in this way the unit holds the propeller in its place.


The incredible feature of Syma X8C Venture is that it has a built-in and adjustable camera. It provides the high-quality aerial photography and one can compare it with other drones available in the market. The device contains the 2MP HD camera. The small camera in the big designing cases provides the excellent photos.

Syma X8C camera

The camera is attached to the fixed gimble; the user just has to adjust the position of the camera. The small ear jack which is the approximate size of 3.5mm is used to connect the camera with the quad. The SD card is inserted in the rear of the camera that stores the images and the videos. Its size is 4GB. It is the good choice for those who are looking for the good quality camera with a sleek and stylish drone.

Syma X8C Venture Battery and Flight Time

7.4 V 2000mAh battery is present that is powerful enough to fly the drone. The Syma X8C Venture battery has the charging and discharging management system. The high energy cell and powerful battery management system make sufficient power to drone to fly. The special charger that is made by the SYMA company is used for charging the battery. It takes about 3 hours to fully charge and can work for 7 minutes.

Flying performance

The Syma X8C quad is best for the beginners as it is easy to operate and control. The user can enjoy making videos and capturing images. It provides the amazing flips and remains stable against the high air pressure. The 3D eversion property makes the large quadcopter for the choice of many users as it provides the excellent 3d Flips during flight. It can fly up to 70 to 80 meters. It is good to try 3D flips when the Syma X8C Venture battery is fully charged otherwise it may fall with sudden battery drainage.


Syma X8C controller

The four channel transmitter or controller is present that is available in white and orange funky color combination. It is operated with the 4AA batteries. The Syma X8C controller contains left and right joysticks, a small display screen indicating the batteries and the distance the copter covered during the flight. The user can control the two-speed mode through the transmitter that is high and low. It is powerful enough to control the quadcopter.

The device contains the brushed motors that are powerful enough to provide the 3D flip moves to the device. The motors do a good job and can be operated in two modes that are high and low. The speed is controlled through the transmitters.


The SYMA special USB charger is used to charge the device. It takes approximately 180 minutes to charge the drone. The product is durable and comes with a charger and the power adaptor. It is important to check the charger if it gets hot immediately remove it to avoid any issue.

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Presence of LED lights

The Syma X8C quad is equipped with special LED lights that enable the user to fly the drone in dark also. These lights help in orientation as well as allow flying in the night time.

Vision system

Syma X8C drone has the intelligent control system, the forward flying direction of the rotor as the direction of the nose. The IOC system helps the user to move it in any direction and enjoy the flight. The 3D flipping enables the user to view the whole field and enjoy the 3D flights.

App/Live View:

The user can add the SYMA application in the smartphone and can enjoy the live video streaming. Sometimes the camera and the application show the delay of 1 second but it gets adjusted when continue capturing starts. The user has to simply download the application from the specific website or through the play store and enjoy live streaming of high quality.

Packing List

The product come in the box and the complete kit includes

  • Aircraft
  • Remote control
  • Screwdriver
  • Card reader
  • Wrench
  • 4 blades
  • 4 shelters
  • 4 cameras
  • Syma X8C manual
  • Memory card

Value for Money

The price range for the Syma X8C drone is fully compatible with the size and the performance of the drone. The user can prefer this lightweight device with the best camera. The beginners who are going to purchase their first quadcopter can prefer this product because of the affordable price.

There are other options available that the user can consider but it is the best choice for 100 dollars with the lightweight and best performing camera. The price range is normal enough that beginner can spend to get this awesome device that is user-friendly.


The Syma X8C venture is an awesome and incredible drone device that provides the best video and aerial photography. The built-in quadcopter camera helps the user to take photos while flying. The colorful LED flashing lights give the quadcopter beauty as well as help the user to fly the device in the night time. The blade comes with the blade protector that helps to protect the blades in the flight or from wear as well as from the minor crashes. The kit comes with the complete accessories. There is no backpack available with the kit, the user can buy to keep the drone safe from the shocks. The bags are specialized come with the foam protector inside the bag that provides resistance against the shock and the outer part of the bag is covered with the water-resistant material.

This is the good, lightweight, stable and big device that makes the user time good and he enjoys flying the drone along with taking the high-quality images at the affordable price range. If someone is willing to try the drone fly can definitely choose this product and enjoy.

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