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CW4 Vs Mavic Pro: Which One Is Better?

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Now, if you are into film making and everything, they know that a shot from a drone can change the whole look and feel of the video. So, if you want to buy a drone but you are confused between CW4 and Mavic Pro, then here we will be doing their comparison, so let’s see which one is better;

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If we talk about the camera, because mainly the purpose of the drone is to take aerial shots. So, the CW4 has a 2MP camera, which can take up to (720P) and that too in HD, but if we talk about Mavic Pro, then it comes with a new technology and can take full HD images of (1080P), so the difference is quite clear when it comes to camera, Mavic Pro definitely takes a lead on this one.


Usually, the drones can fly up to 10 to 15 minutes, but if we talk about Mavic Pro then we can easily fly that for 27 minutes, without facing any battery problem, while on the other hand CW4 cannot fly for straight 27 minutes.

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CW4 is great when it comes to beginners because it has a special feature for a touchdown and takes off. So, because of this function, the beginners can fly it easily even if they do not have much skill in it and to protect the drone touch down system is great, now what is this function?

When the drone will be low on battery or if it has gone away from your reach, you just press that button and it will slowly come down and the motor will stop working as it will touch the ground.

While on the other hand, Mavic Pro, when you are flying this, it can detect obstacles from 49 feet and it can handle more environments and it also has a feature that it can land automatically where it took off.


Mavic Pro comes with Quadcopter, 2 batteries, Remote controller, 16 GB memory card and three pairs of propellers, while CW4 comes with 2 batteries and some other ordinary stuff. They do not provide you with extra things like they provide you with Mavic Pro.


The price of Mavic Pro is around $1000, and people have given 5 out of 5 stars to this one and the price of CW4 is $50, there is a HUGE difference.

So, if you ask me which one is better? Then I would say that if you have to use drone for fun and you are just a beginner then no doubt you should go with CW4, but if you use it professionally and you need far more features and everything and you are really passionate about it then you should go for Mavic Pro, as the name itself indicates that it is best for professionals. CW4 cannot beat Mavic Pro in terms of features and all but then again, price does matter to some people.


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