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Best WIFI Beginners Pocket Selfie Drones Under $50

Best Selfie Drone Under $50

There are a number of the best drone under 50 available on the markets if you are looking for best beginner-level drone, but unfortunately, they don’t fit your requirements and will cost you a fortune. If you are interested in buying drones under $50 then you’ll have to find and compare several options. Read our guide on How To Select a Drone to know which best drone under 50 will suits you the best. We’ve tested a handful of these products to determine what’s best for you. These are the leading performers from each aspect and ideal for beginner drone flyers who just want to experience if drone flying is for them.

We are comparing Eachine E50, Eachine E52, and Visuo XS809HW:

Eachine E50
Wifi FPV Drone
Flight Time: 15 Min
Camera: 2 MP
Flight Range: 40Meter
Charging Time: 120 Minute
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Eachine E52
Wifi FPV Drone
Flight Time: 10 Min
Camera: 0.3 MP
Flight Range: 100 Meter
Charging Time: 120 Minute
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Visuo XS809HW
Amazing Drone
Flight Time: 10 Min
Camera: 2 MP
Flight Range: 80 Meter
Charging Time: 60 Minute
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For drone racing, Eachine E52 would be the best recommendation for you. It has breathtaking speed. It comes with less money, has a good range of 80 to 100 meters with the flight time of 10 minutes.

If you are buying drones under $50 for photography purpose then my suggestion would be Eachine E50. It has a camera with a resolution of 2MP. It comes with the good video quality of 720P which allows you to capture stunning photographs effortlessly. It has a spectacular flight time of 15 minutes but the R/C distance is inadequate. However, if you are interested in both photography and drone racing, then VISUO XS809HW would suits you the best. It may be bit expensive but its camera and range both are perfect. With Altitude Hold Mode function it provides you more stable flight.

In my regard, VISUO XS809HW would be the best of all. It comes with high-resolution camera and range. It’s charging time is only 60 minutes. You could use it for both photography and drone racing. It may be bit expensive, but everything good comes with a price. When you compare it with Yuneec or other high-end selfie drones in the market, It will save you around 300-400 Dollars.

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