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Best RunCam FPV Cameras For Racing Drones And Videography

Best RunCam FPV Cameras for Racing Drones

If you are looking for best FPV cameras drones for your DIY Drone to provide the clear image with low latency, then RunCam Drone Cameras would be the best choice of yours. RunCam produces the world best FPV drone cameras and HD camera, most of the drone enthusiasts prefer RunCam for their DIY drone projects. They are lightweight, easy to use and are affordable.

RunCam produces both CCD and CMOS camera, you could select anyone you want. Before buying a camera always try to select the lighter camera because it will affect the flight of your best racing drone. Here are the Best RunCam Drone Cameras for your FPV drone or videography:

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RunCam Swift 2

RunCam Swift 2RunCam Swift is the best FPV drone camera in the market and it is highly recommended by the drone enthusiasts for DIY Racing Drones. RunCam Swift weighs only 14 grams and its size is 28.5mm × 26mm ×26mm. RunCam Swift is available in the market with three lens options.

  • 2.5mm Lens with 130° FOV
  • 2.3mm Lens with 150° FOV
  • 2.1mm Lens with 165° FOV

Wide Dynamic Range is also enabled across with Day/Night Image modes for better photography. RunCam Swift 2 is a CCD camera with 1/3″ SONY Super HAD II CCD Imaging sensors that provide the horizontal resolution of 600TVL.

MIC and OSD are integrated. DC voltage required to operate Swift 2 is 5 to 36 Volts. The price of RunCam Swift 2 could vary from $39.99 to $41.99, depending upon the lens you select.


RunCam Split 2

RunCam Split 2RunCam recently launched the new version of Split 1, which has gone viral in the market and competing with all the best FPV camera drones. Split 2 comes with the latest technology and could be operated by an app. RunCam Drone Camera weighs only 21 grams.

Split 2 provides live transmission in 1080P at 60 fps (frames per second) with the real-time audio output and the image resolution is 2MP. It’s enabled with WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) which provide clearer and brighter image. Optional WiFi module and replaceable lenses are also included in the package.

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RunCam Split 2 is supported by a variety of flight controllers which includes Betaflight, Cleanflight, Navflight and KISS FC. It supports many features such as Start/Stop recording, Turn ON/OFF camera WiFi, taking photos and switching modes. You could download the app and have the live preview of your best racing drone or you could also change camera parameters settings according to your requirement.

The FOV(Field of View) of RunCam Split 2 is 130 degrees for FPV transmission and 165 degrees for FPV recording. The voltage required to operate RunCam Split 2 could vary from 5 to 17 Volts and the current required is 650mA. Such a great camera comes only in $79.99 with Wifi module and video transmitter included.


RunCam Micro Sparrow

RunCam Micro SparrowMicro Sparrow is the lightest camera of all and weighs only 4.60 grams and the dimension is 19mm×19mm×17mm. Unlike other Best FPV cameras that are CCDs, RunCam Micro Sparrow is CMOS camera with the latest technology. It is integrated with 1/3″ CMOS Image Sensors that provides the Resolution of 700TVL.

It comes with 2.1mm Lens which provides 145° FOV (Field of View) in 16:9. On Screen Display (OSD)  is also integrated. And the power required to operate Micro Sparrow is 5-36 Volts. WDR, 2DNR and Night Effects are also enabled for enhanced photography. This Micro Camera would cost you around $29.99.


RunCam Eagle 2 Pro

RunCam Eagle 2 ProIt is recently launched and its one of the best FPV camera drones for professionals that provides the Horizontal resolution of 800 TVL and weighs only 15 grams. Imaging Sensor built in is 1/1.8″ CMOS Sensor that provides Global WDR. You could switch from 16:9 to 4:3 screen.

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RunCam Eagle 2 Pro comes with integrated OSD and MIC for audio signals. DC voltage requires to power Eagle 2 Pro is 5-36V. For 12V current should be 90mA and for 5V current should be 200mA. RunCam Eagle 2 Pro is available in the market for only $49.99.


RunCam Micro Swift

RunCam Micro SwiftRunCam Micro Swift is smaller than a quarter and weighs only 5.60 Grams and its size is 19mm × 19mm × 19mm. Imaging sensors built in are 1/3″ SONY Super HAD II CCD and the horizontal transmission is 600TVL. Two lenses are available for RunCam Micro Swift:

  • 2.1mm Lens(M8) FOV160°
  • 2.3mm Lens(M8) FOV145°

Backlight compensation(BLC), AutoGain Control(AGC) and WDR(Wide Dynamic Range) are also enabled for enhanced photography. You could change the color selection from Color to B&W or set it up to Auto. RunCam Micro Swift would cost you $29.99.



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