Top 10 Best Toy Drones For Kids

Believe me, Kids love Flying and Playing with the Flying Machines. If you are looking for the best toy drones that will make your kid adore you, then you have come to the right place. Toy Drones for kids are fun to fly and your kids will experience the world in a new way.

Social media, computer gaming and all of the other modern technology have turned off the trend of outdoors games, which are way more healthier and good for your kids.

But don't you worry any more, flying a drone is a totally healthier and mind refreshing sport. Your kids could perform super cool stunts, race with other drones companions or shoot amazing photographs and videos with FPV toy drones.

Whether you are looking for a Birthday gift or a Christmas gift, drone toys will be best for your kids. They are cheap, durable and most importantly, totally harmless. If your kid is interested in aerial photography and videography, you could also check out our article about best camera drones under 100$.

Eachine E012

Eachine E012 is a mini quadcopter that is featured with the Headless mode, One Key to Return, 360 Flips and Rolls and 3-level flight speed. It provides the flight time of 5 minutes within the control range of 30 meters.

It's small, durable and fast. Eachine E102 is ready to fly drone, means you don't have to assemble all the parts in order to fly. 6 axis gyro sensors provides a stable flight and agile performance.

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Eachine E011

Eachine has recently launched a new toy drone E011 which is specifically made for kids. You could tell just by the looks that your kid will love this drone. Brick figures are included in the package. You could place it above your drone to make it more attractive and fun for kids.

They come with 6 axis gyro sensors which provides stabilize and agile performance. Flight time is also great which is up to 5 minutes and control range is about 50 meters. The headless mode will allow you to fly your drone regardless the head of your drone.

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Holy Stone HS170

This is the Toy drones for kids of 2017. It's not only for kids, but even beginners and adults buy this drone for its fun flying experience. It gives the flight time of 6 to 8 minutes. You could perform Flips and Rolls. With Headless mode you don't have to fly with respect to the head of your drone. Fly from any direction you want.

Its tough body could easily survive severe crashes. So it will be probably best for you kid. Control Range is about 30 to 50 meters. 6 Axis gyro sensors give you stable and agile performance. It's easy to fly and if you could learn in no time.

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Cheerson CX-10 Mini Drone

CX-10 Mini is a nano-size drone of world-famous drone brand Cheerson. I personally adore small drones as compared to other large commercial drones. They are fast, easy to control and the best part is that you could fly it anywhere.

It's best for newbies to get some experience and then they could approach a bigger level. Cheerson CX 10 is one of the cheapest drones of all and you could find it from 15 to 20$ in the market. 6 axis gyros make it more stable and provide better performance.

Flight time is from 4 to 8 mins, which is probably low but at that price, nothing could do more.

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Eachine E60

Eachine E60 is an astonishing camera drone that comes in pocket size. Eachine E60 easily fits in your remote controller and you take it anywhere you want in your pocket.

With a 0.3MP camera, you could shoot photographs and record videos anywhere anytime. It comes with many features such as Headless mode, 360 Flip, Speed modes and many more. The best part is you don't need a charger to charge your drone, just place your drone on the Remote Controller and it will start charging by the controller batteries.

Flight time is up to 5 mins and the control distance is 30-50 meters. Eachine E60 is a stylish, super featured and a cheap drone that comes in just 25-27$. So you might wanna experience this latest drone.

GoolRC T36

GoolRC T36 is a mini RC quadcopter that is cheap but comes with a lot of features. Flying a simple RC drone is fun, but with some extra features, you could experience a whole new level of drone flying. GoolRC T36 comes with a stunning design specifically built to make it fast. 6 axis gyro-sensors provide stability to your flight.

With Headless mode you could fly your drone regardless of the head of your drone. Your drone will fly towards the direction of your throttle.

With One Key Return button, call your drone back to you from anywhere. Perform 360 flips and many more cool stunts. You could fly it anywhere, just make sure that you fly it under 50m. GoolRC T36 is a Ready to Fly drone, means you don't have to assemble any parts. Just Charge and Enjoy your flight.

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Wobox RC is a small drone that lets you shoot photographs and record stunning movies from your drone's camera. You could make selfies or make a documentary video through its 2MP HD Camera. An SD card slot built in it to place your memory card. To make a photograph or record video just press a button on your transmitter.

One Key Return function will make sure that your drone doesn't get lost during signals loss or interruption.

Perform 360 flips and many other stunts within the control range of 30M. Flight is up to 7 minutes. And the best part is that there is LCD display that shows battery life, signals strength, and orientation of your drone. So better get one for your kid and another one for yourself.

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RC Stunt Drone Quadcopter

RC Stunt Drone is a product of Wonder Chopper and it's specifically built for kids to perform cool stunts like 360 flip and many more.

This is a crash resilient and durable drone best suitable for your kids to enjoy a little more. Comes with a landing pad to land your drone. Flight time is more than 6 minutes. Easy to fly and the perfect choice for newbies to get some experience. Adjustable speed modes are available to get some fun.

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RCtown JJRC H36

JJRC H36 is a product of RCtown, it's cheap and durable. Comes with a lot of features like Headless Mode, 360 Flips, One Key Return and many more.

You could fly it both indoors and outdoors. Control Range is about 30 meters and the flight time is almost 5-8 minutes. With such a low price and great features, it won't let you down. It's easy to fly and you could learn in no time.

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Your first fly drone By DPM Gear

Probably the cheapest small drone I have seen so far that comes with such great features. 6 axis gyro-sensors provide stability and quick performance. With headless mode, fly it in any direction you want.

One key to Return feature make sure that your drone won't get lost in any situation. LED lights are placed to make your drone detectable during the night. Mini drones are always easy to fly. They occupy less space as compared to other ones, which gives you a plus point to fly it indoors.

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A product of Air Hogs, which is world-renowned for its radio control products. Wait a minute, it's not just a flying drone, it's also a racing car.

You could switch from driving to flying with Air Hogs Switchblade. Racing couldn't be more fun. Once you get the hang of it, you'll never gonna let it go.

Body is crash resilient and 6 axis gyro sensors ensure the stability and the performance of your drone. If you haven't tried once, you have no idea what you are missing in life.

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Virhuck GB202

Another nano drone which is adorable. Not just by the looks but also from the performance. It's a pocket-size drone, you could take it anywhere you desire. Propeller guards are also included to make your drone's propellers safe in crashes.

Fly it in your room or garden it's totally up to you. 6 axis gyro-sensors provide stable flight. Perform 360 Flips and many more cool stunts. Headless mode makes it easier to fly. Body is made up of flexible material to make your drone crash resilient.

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Small drones are cheap and they are probably best for kids and newbies. Beginners could easily learn to fly them in no time. However, these small drones are just for fun and thus features are low. If you want to move to another level then you could also check out our article about best Racing Drones and Camera Drones that are used by professionals.