Best FPV Ready to Fly Quadcopters And Kits For Drone Racing

Racing Drones are small, efficient and fast machines. As you are looking for speed, it should be lightweight and small. Also, keep that in mind that it must have a good quality FPV Camera. To know more about drones and their composition, you can read our article on Building Your Own Drone With Complete Guide.

FPV (First Person View) allows users to control drone through a video display on FPV goggles or your smartphone. Flying a Best FPV Racing drone is much fun as compared to just a large photography drone. People usually buy a drone for two purposes: Aerial photography or Drone Racing. For aerial photography, you'll need a drone with long flight time and high quality camera for best results.

Drone racing has become a trend among all over the world. Drone enthusiasts are gathered together from all over the world to race. There are many drone racing league and events of drone racing that takes place in all over the world.

Now, many of you want to buy a super fast racing drone. So you could compete with others or perform super cool stunts. But, Which one to buy? Which drone will make you a winner among others?

To ease you from all that difficulty I'm sharing my experience with you guys. We have tried a lot of racing drones and we have selected a handful of these best racing drones.

Racing Drones Under 100 Dollars:

If you are just getting started and want to experience the fun of flying a racing drone, then you need a cheaper and a smaller racing drone.

KaiDeng K100 EQUATOR:

KaiDeng K100 EQUATOR

KaiDeng K100 Equator is stylish, lightweight and compact folding drone. It’s low in price and could easily compete with other racing drones o the same size. With One Key Transformation feature you could take your drone with you anywhere you desire. It’s super cool design increase the stability and performance of your drone while the keeping the air resistance minimum.Propellers are highly flexible and could survive severe accidents, in the case of damage they are easy to change.

With Pantonma App, you don’t need a transmitter to control your drone. It’s easy to use and you could experience the fun of flying a drone.

There is 6 Axis Gyro system in KaiDeng K1000, which will increase the stability of your drone during flying. And you could easily bring back your drone with One Key Return feature. With 3D Flip, you could roll your drone at 360° with hover function.

There are two versions of KaiDeng KI00 EQUATOR:

Standard Version: Comes with transmitter and camera is not installed. Wifi Version: Comes without transmitter however camera is installed. Drone is controlled by the app.


  • Flight Time: 6.5 mins
  • Control Range: 40m
  • Weight: 46.5 g
  • Gyro: 6 Axis
  • Camera: 0.3 MP
  • Drone Size when Unfolded: 96*113*41mm
  • Drone Size When Folded: 80*70*41mm
  • Price: 36.99 ~ 47.99 US$

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Flytec T18:

Flytec T18

Flytec T18 is a cheap RTF(Ready To Fly) drone, which is best for both beginners and professionals. It is featured with 720P 120° Wide Angle HD Camera which allows you to take stunning photographs and capture memorable footage.

6 axis Gyro Sensors keeps the flight more stable and easier to control. You could roll your drone at 360°, which makes flying more fun and interesting.

With One Key Return you could easily bring back your drone to you, this feature helps a lot when you have lost visual contact with your or the signals are interrupting.

FPV Real-Time Transmission allows you to see the live feed of your drone's camera and you could enjoy the world with bird’s eye perspective. Super cool LED lights are installed in Flytec T18 which makes your drone detectable during the night.

For beginners, it comes with Headless Mode which allows the drone to fly towards the direction of the joystick instead of the head of the drone.


  • Flight Time: 6-7 mins
  • Control Distance: 90m
  • Weight: 50g
  • Charging Time: 40-70 mins
  • Gyro: 6 Axis
  • Camera:2.0 MP
  • FPV Wi-Fi Transmission: 720P / 30FPS
  • Drone Size: 14.5 x 13.7 x 3.6 cm
  • Price: 54.99US$

Flytec T18

Kingkong 95GT:

Kingkong 95GT

Kinkong 9GT is a made up of a strong carbon fiber frame, which is highly flexible and lightweight. Kingkong 95GT is much better than Kinkong 90GT, which is an older version.

The camera has been upgraded to 700 TVL which allows you to take fascinating photographs and video shoots. With Field of View of 150 degrees, you could capture a lot of space. Kingkong 95GT is extremely stable and super fast.

It comes 1103 7800KV brushless motors which are super powerful, that's why it is highly likable by drone racers. It’s easy to control and shows a quick response, so you could fly this one both indoors and outdoors.


  • Flight Time: 6-10 mins
  • Control Distance: 300m
  • Weight: 50.2g
  • Charging Time: 40-70 mins
  • Camera:800TVL
  • FOV: 150°
  • Drone Size: 9.10 x 11.10 x 2.30 cm
  • Price: 108.99US$

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Racing Drones Under 200 Dollars:

Parrot Mambo FPV

Parrot launches new Parrot Mambo FPV race mini-drone which is small, fun and easy to fly. It’s small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and it’s really cute.

You could fly it indoors and perform really cool stunts. It comes with three flying modes.

Easy mode: It’s for beginners. Drone is stabilized both horizontally and vertically even if you let go the controls. Drift mode: Horizontal stabilization is disconnected, allowing the drone to fly quickly and fast. Race mode: The autopilot is completely disabled and your drone is fully controlled by you.

FPV Streaming allows you to have birds-eye perspective and could see exactly what your drone sees. You could capture videos and amazing shots with 720P HD camera. It comes with a small Xbox like radio controller which has various functions.

Cockpitglasses 2 are included for FPV display. You just have to put your smartphone in cockpit 2 headset and you could have 3D FPV display.


  • Flight Time: 10 mins
  • Control Range: 100m
  • Speed: 30 KMH
  • Camera: 720P HD camera
  • FOV: 120 °
  • Drone Size: 18 x 18 cm
  • Weight: 73g
  • Price: 179.99US$

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Eachine Racer 250

Eachine Racer 250 is Ready to Fly FPV drone, you just have to attach the battery and then you could fly.(Battery and transmitter is not included). It is made up of carbon fiber frame which has super anti-fall structure.

Eachine Racer has an FPV camera that provides real-time image transmission. With 1000 TVL camera you could capture amazing photographs and record videos. The best part is you could adjust the camera according to your requirements. It comes with integrated OSD that shows flight voltage of the battery, flight time, current channel etc.


  • Flight Time: 10-14 mins
  • Camera: 1000 TVL
  • Brushless motor: 2204 2300KV
  • Drone Size: 220x233x50mm
  • Weight: 400g (without battery)
  • Price: 129US$

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Contixo F6

Contixo F6 is a superfast Best FPV Racing drone. With 720p HD Camera, it will give you a live broadcast of amazing aerial view through an app in your smartphone or FPV goggles. You could take pictures and record breathtaking videos. And the best part is that Contixo F6 has a rotating camera, you could adjust your camera during mid-flight using a mobile app, thanks to 6-axis gyro. The camera could be rotated about 60° to capture photographs at the perfect angle.

There are 4 speed modes in Contixo F6. One Key Takeoff, Landing, Headless Mode, and One Key Return Function. With One Key Return function you could bring back your drone, this feature really comes in handy when you have lost visual contact with your drone or the signals are interrupting.

Altitude Hold Function allows you to release the throttle and the drone will hover with complete stability. Therefore you don’t have to worry about maintaining your drone altitude and keeping your drone fall from the sky.

With the high capacity battery of ** 2300mAh,** your drone could survive for more than 18 minutes and it will take only 150 mins to completely recharge your drone.You could perform 3D flip with Contixo F6 and I have to tell you that it’s really fun flying during the night with all that bright and colorful LED Lights ON. You gotta try once.


  • Flight Time: 18 mins
  • Control Distance: 100 m
  • Wi-Fi FPV Transmission Distance: 150 feet
  • Charging Time: 150 mins
  • Camera:720P HD Camera
  • Gyro: 6-axis
  • Drone Size: 18 x 5 x 14 inch
  • Price: 99US$

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Rise RXD250 is specifically made for drone racing and training yourself. RISE RXD250 frame is very flexible and pros could easily update this drone according to their requirements. Rise RXD250 frame is made up of high-impact foam and carbon fiber which makes the drone extremely light, durable and indestructible.

It comes with preprogrammed CC3D flight controller, so no adjustments are required. Its featured with three flying modes: Stability Mode, Rattitude Mode, and Rate Mode. Powerful 2280 kV brushless motors make your drone super fast and challengeable in drone racing.

It comes with a receiver and camera mount is available. Although you have to buy your own camera, battery, charger and 5 channel radio control. You could use RXD250 Camera (RISE2508) and 3S 11.1V 1500-1800mAh LiPo battery. It could take almost an hour to completely assemble your drone. Finding other parts and then assembling them is surely a difficult thing as compare to ready to fly drone, but as I said that this drone is specifically made for drone racing, it’s fun and fast. And most importantly pros could update it easily that's why they love it.


  • Flight Time: 12 minutes
  • Control Distance: 300m
  • Weight: 300g
  • Drone Size: 9.10 x 11.10 x 2.30 cm
  • Price: 109.99US$

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Blomiky Bugs 6

Blomiky Bugs 6 is one of the most bought consumer drones in the market and comes with a really good prize. It’s a high-speed quadcopter that comes with 5.8G HD 720P camera and a radio transmitter. Good thing is that it is Ready to Fly so you won't have to waste time in assembling the drone and you’re relieved from all that trouble. Just Buy and Fly.

You could capture stunning and awesome photographs just by clicking a button on RC transmitter. It is featured with 360° flip, which is really fun and interesting. LED lights make your drone attractive and detectable during the night.

Remote Controller gives weak signals and low voltage alerts by indicator light and alarm sound, which really comes in handy and saves your drone a lot from crashing.


  • Flight Time: 11-12 mins
  • Control Distance: 300-500m
  • Weight: 400g
  • Charging Time: 300 mins
  • Camera: High-resolution camera, 720P Video
  • Size: 20.5 x 22 x 9 cm
  • Price: 139.99US$

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Eachine Wizard X220:

Eachine Wizard X220 is a freestyle FPV quadcopter best suitable for Drone Racing. It is available in two different versions in the market. In RTF(Ready To Fly) version you don’t have to assemble your drone. You just buy it and fly. However, it will costs you more than version. ARF version will be low in cost but you’ll need to buy a remote control, receiver, battery, and charger. If you are interested in custom build or you have these parts then ARF would be the best choice for you.

Machine Wizard X220 is made up of strong carbon frame which is lightweight, flexible and indestructible. For drone racing kit, carbon frames are highly recommended. Indicators LED lights are installed to make your drone detectable and interesting during the night. A 700tvl camera is installed which is easily adjustable according to your requirements. You could capture amazing photographs and shoot stunning videos. With FPV camera you could broadcast live video from your drone’s perspective. It’s a really fun and amazing experience.


  • Flight Time: 12 mins
  • Weight: 364g (without battery)
  • Charging Time: 40-70 mins
  • Camera: 700TVL
  • FOV: 127° diagonal, 110° horizontal
  • Wheelbase: 220 mm
  • Price: 139.99US$

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Walkera Rodeo 110:

Walkera Rodeo 110

Walkera Rodeo 110 is the best racing drone under 200$, cause it’s smaller, more agile and durable. You could easily fly Walkera Rodeo 110 indoors because of its compact size and perform cool stunts. Small drones are more fun than larger ones, they are easy to control, maintain and repair. Walkera Rodeo 110 is a Ready to Fly drone, you don’t need to assemble parts, just charge the battery and enjoy.

With a 600TVL FPV camera, you could enjoy the world from bird’s perspective. You could make stunning videos and share it with your friends. Flying an FPV drone is way much fun than a simple RC drone. You’ll need FPV goggles to see the live transmission of your drone.

Walkera Rodeo is installed with 850mAh Lipo battery which is easily charged in just 30 minutes and the flight time is greater than 6 minutes. It could roll, hover and fly in any direction you want.


  • Flight Time: 6-8 mins
  • Control Distance: 300-500m
  • Weight: 101g(battery not included)
  • Charging Time: 30 mins
  • Camera: 600TVL
  • Drone Size: 101 X 117 X 55mm
  • Price: 179.95US$

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Racing Drones Under 300 Dollars

Emax Nighthawk Pro 200

Emax Nighthawk Pro 200 is ready to fly drone which comes with latest drone racing technology which makes it easier to control.It has a low price but high features. Its frame is made up of carbon fiber which is specifically designed for drone racing. 600 TVL CCD Camera enables the user to see clearly during FPV racing and it’s also usable for aerial photography and video recording.

The camera mount is adjustable and more stable which provides best results and dampens the vibrations. Full-Lights coverage makes your drone detectable during the night. RS2205 2300KV brushless motors keep the strength of your drone and make it super fast. All you need to attach is battery, transmitter, and receiver. Emax Nighthawk Pro is highly recommended for new pilots. It’s easy to learn and you’ll be flying like a pro in no time.


  • Weight: 370g(without battery)
  • Camera: 600 TVL CCD Camera
  • Drone Size: 207x165x43mm
  • Price: 239.99 US$

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Diatone GT200S:

The Diatone GT200S is the third generation of the GT series, it is an ARF( Almost Ready to Fly) drone. Its frame is made up of aluminum alloy and carbon fiber. Its modular design makes it fast by reducing the air resistance to the minimum.

Diatone GT200S is strong and have the ability to survive severe accidents, however in the case of any damage the parts are easy to repair and change. It comes with F3 Flight controller with MPU6000 six-axis gyro sensor that keeps the altitude stable during racing. Diatone FPV System provides a clear image with the HS1177 camera. HS1177 is a 600TVL camera with 2.3mm lens which provides 120 degrees of field of view.

You could capture amazing and beautiful shots with high resolution. To keep the strength of Diatone GT200S 2306 2450KV brushless motors are used. MVS(Motor Vibration Suppression) System dampens the motor vibration by providing isolation between motors and frame. This feature really comes in handy during FPV racing and Video Recording by giving you a clear and balance display. Battery Mount provides 50% more strength and increases the battery life.


  • Flight Controller: Fury F3 with MPU6000 Six-Axis
  • Motor: Edge racing custom silver 2306 2450KV
  • Propeller: Gemfan M5045BN master 3-blade propellers black
  • Camera: 600TVL HS1177 Camera
  • FOV: 120°
  • Price: 269 US$

ImmersionRC Vortex 150 Mini

ImmersionRC Vortex is a super-fast pocket racing drone. Always keep that in mind that the smaller your drone will be, the faster your drone will be. Because with smaller size there is minimum air resistance and thus your drone is super fast. ImmersionRC vortex 150 Mini is specifically built for drone racing and you could also fly this tiny drone indoors.

Vortex 150 Mini is an ARF(Almost Ready to Fly) which enables the user to add features according to his requirements.It is the first FPV drone which has DSMX Video Transmitter Control through which you could easily select frequency band, channel, and power level. Full Graphic OSD displays battery volts, battery capacity, VTX Frequency, etc. If money is not a problem then Vortex 150 mini is the best recommendation for you.


  • Weight: 178g(without battery)
  • Battery: 1306-3100kV
  • Flight Controller: STM32F303 based ('F3')
  • Camera: 600 TVL CCD
  • Drone Size: 2.6 x 6.3 x 6.7 inches
  • Price: 299US$

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Drone Racing Kits


Many of you desire to build their own drone. Custom built is more fun than RTF drones. So if you are looking for a racing kit, you are in the right place. This is a DIY 250 Quadcopter kit, which is unassembled. You’ll have to attach your own battery and radio control (not included in kit). This is a very popular drone mini-drone. The frame is very strong and gives a stable flight. The best part is you could update it with your requirements.

Parts Included:

  • Drone Frame: QAV250 Full carbon frame kit
  • Motors: 4 x HP T2204 2300KV Brushless motor(2pcs CW +2pcs CCW)
  • ESC’s: 4 x Emax BLHeli 20A Speed Controller
  • Propellers: 4 x 5045(CW+CCW) Propeller ( 2 pair red, 2 pair black)
  • Flight Controller: NAZE32 6DOF Flight Controller & protect case
  • Power Distribution Board: Matek Power Hub
  • Others: Spare parts pack
  • Price: 83.68 US$

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