Best Foldable Drones of 2019: Autel EVO vs Mavic Air vs Parrot Anafi

Fold able drones are ruling the market, they are compact and fun. Drone hobbyist and beginners are loving fold able drones due to their easy use and supreme features. The best part about the fold able drone is you can take them anywhere with you and capture amazing selfies and videos of your journey.

Many multinational drone companies are manufacturing foldable drones including DJI, Parrot, GoPro, and Zerotech. No, doubt DJI Mavic Pro is the best foldable drone so far. DJI and Parrot both are the leading competitors of quadcopters and drone camera technology. But, the latest fold able drones of Parrot and DJI are being challenged by EVO drone launched by Autel Robotics.

Autel Evo

Available on Amazon Washington based company Autel Robotics is just stepping into the drone world and it’s growing rapidly without any downfall. Autel Robotics is based in the US but they are owned by Autel Intelligent Technology Corporation in China. For now, Autel Robotics has launched just three drones in the market, with its success rate it will beat many world-renowned drone companies.

Mavic Air

As we are talking about fold able drones and the competition among drone companies, let's talk about the best fold able drones of 2019. On January 28th, DJI launched Mavic Air in the market and just like Mavic Pro and Mavic Platinum, the Mavic Air also ruled the drone market of 2018.

Available on Amazon

To compete with Mavic Air, which is a product of the world-renowned drone company, the Autel Robotics launched Autel EVO on June 25th. And the battle between DJI and Autel Robotics was just begun that Parrot also stepped into it and launched Anafi on July 1st.

Parrot Anafi

Available here

So, it’s a competition between three drones; Autel Evo vs Mavic Air vs Parrot Anafi. While choosing the drone, features matters more than the tag of the company. This article will help you choose the best drone suitable for you by comparing the features.

Camera Comparison: DJI Mavic Air vs Autel EVO vs Anafi

The camera is the most essential part of any drone, to capture amazing videos and photos of your adventure you’ll need a drone with a high-resolution camera and advanced flight modes.

Anafi, Mavic Air and Autel EVO all of them are integrated with 3-Axis Stabilized Gimbal and 4K camera.

However, the camera of the Anafi is superior to Mavic Air and Evo. Parrot Anafi is integrated with a 21MP camera and 2.8X Lossless zoom which will allow getting a closer image without losing any resolution. Mavic Air and Evo are integrated with 12MP camera and support burst mode. 3 Axis image stabilization in Anafi make your videos steady and minimize the aliasing effect.

Flight Time And Transmission Range:

The greatest challenge drone companies are still facing is low flight time and controlling distance. People love to fly drones and they want to exceed the time limit to the maximum. With respect to flight time, EVO has won the competition by offering the flight time of more than 30 minutes. After EVO, Anafi comes next with the flight time of 25 minutes and then Mavic Air comes with the flight time of 21 minutes maximum.

No one could ever have thought that a startup company, Autel Robotics, which just stepped into manufacturing drones will beat the world leading drone companies such as DJI and Parrot. But in the tech world, anything is possible. Whoever owns the advanced technology will rule the market.

To capture prolonged videos and cover the maximum area through the bird’s eye perspective, the control range of the drone is very important. The maximum the transmission range, the maximum area you could cover and enjoy the aerial view of the world.

Anafi and Mavic Air both could be operated under the distance of 4KM from the remote controller, while EVO has a transmission distance of 7KM.

The reason for the magnificent flight time and transmission range of Autel EVO is its powerful battery of 4300mAh. Mostly, drones are integrated with a battery of 2000-3000 mAh. The challenge with assembling the high capacity battery into drones is the raising weight, drones are lightweight machines and they need to be light in order to fly.

Features And Flight Modes:

Flight modes make flying fun and keep your videos interesting. Hobbyists love drones with advanced flight modes, each mode is specified with different features. For videography, there are many camera modes that make your videos unique and entertaining.

Parrot Anafi:

Parrot Anafi comes with safe flight modes, videos modes, and cinematic shots. These are few features in Anafi that will make your drone cooler from others.

Geofence: Ever thought of creating a boundary line for your drone so it doesn’t get lost? Geofence allows you to create a virtual boundary that will keep your drone from going far away.

  • Smart RTH: RTH stands for Return to Home, this feature allows your drone to return to starting position in the case of signals loss or low battery.
  • Slow Motion: Create fascinating action videos by using slow-motion effects.
  • Hyperlapse: With hyperlapse, you can make the videos of 45 minutes into just 15-20 seconds by accelerating the speed of your video. This technique is efficient for capturing the sunset, sunrise, and night time-lapse.
  • Follow Me: Your drone will track you anywhere you go, by tracking I meant follow you. This feature is helpful in your adventures; Anafi will follow you during cycling, swimming, horse riding, cliff jumping and almost anywhere to create amazing videos of your journey. [amazon box="B07D5R2JKL"]

DJI Mavic Air:

DJI Drones are well-known for having the most advanced technology and intelligent flight modes. DJI Mavic Air and Spark both are great economical drones of DJI, read DJI Mavic Air vs Spark Drone Comparison to know which one suits you better.

Let's take a look on the features that Mavic Air is offering.

  • Active Track: Mavic Air can follow up to 16 selectable objects at a time, Active Track is a feature similar to Follow Me and Dynamic Track but in Mavic Air, it is more precise and could follow you while running, jumping, cycling or mountain climbing.
  • QuickShots: You don’t need to be a professional to capture amazing videos or photographs, with just one click you could make interesting videos and share it with your friends on social media. Advance QuickShots in Mavic Air includes Boomerang and Asteroid.
  • Smart Capture: Control your drone with hand gestures, you don’t need to press a button to take a picture. Just make a pose and your amazing selfies will be captured by your drone.
  • TapFly: Tap anywhere on your mobile phone or tablet, and your drone will follow that direction, speed could be adjusted according to your requirements.
  • 3D Map Building: Using advanced sensors and seven cameras, Mavic Air will create a virtual 3D Map of the area. This feature will help the drone to detect any obstacles in the way and avoid crashing.
  • RTH: During low battery or signals loss, the drone will return back to it’s initiating point to avoid an accident.[amazon box="B078WQ9SN3"]

Autel EVO:

Mavic Air competitor, Autel EVO is equipped with powerful intelligent flight modes that are controlled with Autel Explorer App. With 2 cameras integrated in the front, it can create a 3D environment to avoid crashing from any obstacles in the way.

  • Dynamic Track: It’s similar to Follow Me feature, draw a box around the subject and your drone will follow it anywhere.
  • Viewpoint: Tap any point on your mobile screen to get the bird’s eye view of that place.
  • Orbit: Drone will fly in an orbit around any object you have selected.
  • Waypoint: Similar to Flight Plan, create a fly route for your drone by setting waypoints of the location.

Parrot Anafi vs Autel EVO vs Mavic Air:

The price factor is very important, people want to buy a product that has enough features with respect to its price, if it’s costly and doesn’t have enough features then it’s useless.

In the competition of price, Anafi has outplayed both EVO and Mavic Air. Price of Anafi is just $699 while Mavic Air comes in $799 and EVO comes in $999.

No doubt, Anafi is cheaper from Mavic Air and EVO but it’s all about features. The flight time of EVO is much greater as compared to Anafi. Everything good comes at a price.


We have seen all three foldable drones and each one has its own importance. But which one is the best; Parrot Anafi vs Autel EVO vs Mavic Air. If you are going to choose one out of them, then it depends on your needs and requirements. Everyone has its own reasons for buying a drone, people buy drones for cinematography, adore the bird’s eye view, capture relish moments during a journey or adventure or it could be just for fun.

As far as I think, for videography and to capture stunning photographs the Parrot Anafi would be the best option. The camera and flight modes of the Anafi are outstanding, it will fulfill the needs of a cinematographer.

For a beginner or newbie, the Mavic Air is the best choice. DJI drones are easy to control and you could learn flying a drone like a professional in no time.

Drone enthusiasts buy drones for fun and enjoyment. They need a drone with maximum flight time that keeps their fun going on non-stop. Autel EVO has the flight time of more than 30 minutes and longer the flight time the better it would be.

For travelling and adventures, Anafi and Mavic Air both will do the job. Both of the drones are equipped with advanced flight modes and a high-resolution camera that will save your happy moments to enjoy it for later.

Try the drone that suits you the best and shares your experience with us.