Best Easy To Fly Drones For Kids And Beginners

It’s your kid’s birthday and you’re looking for something techy and fun, how does a mini-size Drone sound to you? Flying Drones is the new sport, these small machines comes with a lot of features that are fun for everyone. When I was a kid, the most interesting toy for me was a Remote Control car, but that’s old news. Flying a drone is nothing like controlling a car, it’s way more fun and makes you feel like an actual Pilot!!

What’s so great about drones? Drones are equipped with a camera that can transmit live feed from your drone into your smartphones or radio controller, smart flight modes allow you to capture videos and photographs like a pro, stability and safe modes make it easier for you to control the drone, with 360 degree flips and roll you can perform really cool stunts.

Nowadays, kids are into drone racing a lot, avoiding obstacles in speed mode is the real fun. Record videos from your drones and share it with your friends on Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat.

How drones can help your kid to learn more? Drones are far more than just flying machines used only for fun, many tech companies are working on drones for kids to use them for educational purposes and they came up with the idea of programmable drones. Programmable drones for kids are built to motivate the coming generation about the importance of coding and their useful applications. Tello is a great programmable drone, you can code using Python and Scratch which are the easiest advanced programming languages.

Which are the best drones for beginners and kids? Finding the best drone for kids isn’t an easy job, you need a compact size drone that is easy to fly and strong enough to survive small crashes. Drones that comes with obstacle sensing system and 6-axis gyro stabilization are the perfect drones for kids and beginners.

Best Drones For Kids Under 100 Dollars

Let us help you in selecting the best drone for kids, we have picked the best amazon drones for kids so you can compare and select the right one for you. These are the most selling mini drones for kids under 100 dollars, people love them for their cool features and usability.

Syma X5C

Drone Syma X5C is a good camera drone for beginners, you can record videos in 720p in 30 fps and capture decent photographs. Syma Drones are best for kids and newbies, prices are reasonable and specs are good enough to do the job for you. Flight time is around 6-7 minutes and the transmission range of Syma X5C is almost 100 feet which is pretty good for a toy drone.

The drone Syma X5C doesn’t support FPV streaming, all the videos and photographs are recorded into the memory card. Syma X5C 1 is an upgraded version of this drone, both drones are almost identical but there’s a slight difference. The camera of Syma X5C can flip and upgraded circuit board improves stability and performance.

Drocon Bugs 3

Drocon Drone Bugs 3 is a powerful drone with amazing battery time. With Drocon Bugs 3, you can have a long-lasting flying time of 20 minutes. This drone is totally inexpensive according to the specs.

It doesn’t come with an integrated camera, but with 4K camera mount, you can install the camera that suits you the best. Beginners can fly this drone on low speed, 6-axis gyro system keeps the drone stable even in high winds. Integrated led lights will make your drone visible at night, so no matter what time it is, you can fly your drone whenever you want.

Eachine E58

Eachine drones are well-known for their FPV cameras and racing quads in low budget, Eachine Wizard X220 is one of the best racing drones available in the market, so don’t take Eachine Drone manufacturer any lighter.

Eachine E58 design is identical to DJI Mavic, arms are foldable and within a few seconds your drone will be compact enough to use for travel. Enjoy live feed with 720P HD camera that can rotate 90 degrees to help you capture the perfect moment. Headless mode allows you to fly your drone in any direction regardless of the head of your drone, your drone will follow the directions from your perspective.

One key return feature in Eachine E58 lets you bring back your drone to you with just one click. Perform 360 flips and many other cool stunts with Eachine E58.


JJRC mini drone H36 comes with a simple controller that could easily fit into the hand of 10 years old. JJRC H36 is suitable for both indoor and outdoor flying, but this is a mini size drone so it doesn’t work great in windy environments.

JJRC 36 does not come with a camera, so no FPV here but the good news is that it comes with 3 different speed modes for beginners and experts. This small JJRC drone is amazing for done racing and stunts, try out high-speed mode to enjoy your flight.

If we look at the features, JJRC 36 have pretty amazing features for a toy drone. With headless mode, call back your drone with just one easy click. Though this drone has the flight time of just 5 minutes, but the package comes with one extra battery to exceed flight time.

Eachine E013

The Eachine E013 is a small-size FPV drone equipped with 1000 TVL camera, probably the best drone for kids under 10. Different speed modes are available for beginners, intermediates and pros, practice on slow speed and once you’ve mastered the skills of drone flying, enjoy dodging obstacles on high-speed.

Propellers of Eachine drone E013 are protected to minimize damage during crashes. Headless mode and 6-axis gyro system improves performance and stability for beginners. Battery life is almost 5 minutes, but the good news is that you can get extra batteries and replace the consumed batteries to exceed your flying fun.

Eachine E013 is easy to fly, enjoy bird’s eye perspective with FPV eachine goggles, use VR006 goggles for best display.

Syma X5UW

Syma x5uw is one of the best of all Syma drones, what’s so great about this drone is that this is an under budget drone that comes in less than $40 with FPV camera. Your kid will love this super cool drone because of its fun features and 720p Wifi camera.

Use the Syma Go App to control this drone with your smartphone or tablet, for iOS you can also use the Syma FPV App. Set a flying path for your drone using the app, and your drone will follow it. If you’re tired of controlling it with your thumbs, turn on the gravity induction mode and your drone will be controlled by tilting your phone.

Syma X5UW is a good camera drone for kids, one key take-off and landing feature helps the beginners to learn flying without facing any difficulties. Altitude hold function keeps the drone stable in the air, capture amazing photographs at the perfect angle without any disturbance.

JJRC Elfie

JJRC Elfie is available in two models, JJRC H37 and JJRC H47. Both JJRC Elfie drones comes in foldable design, flight time is 7-8 minutes and equipped with headless modes, 6-axis gyro, altitude mode, return home and 360 flips.

The difference between Elfie JJRC H37 and JJRC H47 is of control range, advance flight modes and camera. Control range of JJRC H37 Elfie drone is 40 meters while JJRC H47 can cover the range of 80-100 meters on radio control and 50 meters on Wifi.

The camera of JJRC H47 can capture HD videos in 720P and the quality is much better as compared with JJRC H37. Upgraded JJRC Elfie is equipped with advanced flight including gravity sensor mode, beauty mode and flight planning.

Both models of JJRC Elfie are good drones for beginners and kids, they are inexpensive and far more featured if we compare it with other drones in the same price range. The best part is the foldable design, travel easy with your drone anywhere anytime. Download JJRC drone app to enjoy FPV streaming from your drone into your smartphone (JJRC drone app is available in both iOS and android version).

Force1 F100 Ghost

Are you looking for the best drone with camera for kids? Force1 F100 Ghost drone is the best drone with high-definition camera perfect for high-quality videography and photography.

Force1 F100 is equipped with a GoPro camera that allows HD recording in 1080p, without GroPro camera this Force1 drone is available in the market in only $90. Apart from the camera, the features of Force1 F100 ghost aren’t any less, this amazing drone can hover in the air for more than 15 minutes, that’s almost 3 times more than any other toy drones for kids. With extra battery available in the package, extend the flight time to 30 minutes.

Fly Force1 F100 ghost drone at low-speed to learn drone flying, once you’ve mastered the skills, enjoy drone racing on high-speed mode and perform 360 flips. Brushless motors of Force1 drone are incredibly quiet, create videos without any audio distortion.

UDI RC Drone U818A

UDI U818A is one of the most preferred drone for kids and beginners, it doesn’t support FPV but with an integrated camera, you can take pictures and record videos. The camera quality of UDI U818A is average, this a toy drone best suitable for beginners so don’t expect much.

UDI RC drone U818A is a durable and inexpensive drone, propeller guards minimize the damage if you bump your drone with something. R/C Controller is easy to use, LCD screen display real-time flight data on the transmitter which helps a lot.

Flying time is almost 6-9 minutes, recharging batteries won’t take much time. This is a fun drone for kids, perform 360 flips and rolls for an amazing experience of UDI RC Drone U818A.

Drocon X708W

Stylish Drocon drone X708W is a training drone for beginners, flight time is about 7-8 minutes and control range is upto 80 meters. Enjoy live-feed from your drone through HD wifi camera that records videos in 640x480p. FPV video transmission range is about 30 meters, all the videos and photographs are recorded into your smartphone. In most of toy drones, there’s a memory card slot in the drone, to access media you need to take out memory card and then copy it. Drocon X7808W simplify the process by storing media directly into your phone, share your amazing drone videos on Facebook, Snapchat or Insta directly from your phone.

HD Wifi camera is pretty decent for beginners, connect your FPV goggles to enjoy the incredible bird’s eye perspective more efficiently. Download DROCON drone app from Playstore or scan the QR code on the package to download the app, this app is available for iOS devices. Once the app is installed, allow the app using your phone’s camera. Once Drocon X708W is synced with your smart device, your drone is ready to fly.

If the signals are lacking or the battery is low, bring back your drone with just one click through Return Home feature. Fly your Drocon X708W more easily and precise with Headless mode, let your drone fly in your directions regardless of drone head. Two different flight speed modes are available so that the beginners can practice on low speed during initial flights.

This drone is light-weight and doesn’t do well in strong winds, so avoid flying at high altitude. The body is strong enough to survive small bumps, during collision propellers are mostly at risk that’s why 4 spare propellers are included in the package to enhance your drone life.

Eachine E010

Eachine E010 is one of the cheapest eachine drone, it doesn’t come with a camera and FPV display system. This is a simple drone with strong body specifically designed to handle crashes. If you’re looking for a low-budget drone for kids, Eachine E010 is a good option. The price of this small toy drone for kids is just 20 dollars, even if your kid breaks it, just buy another one.

This fun toy drone is equipped with 6-axis gyro stabilization system and LED lights for night flying. Perform 360 rolls and amazing stunts with your Eachine E010, battery time is more than 5 minutes and the control range is about 30 meters. All the specs are good enough for a toy drone that comes at such a reasonable price.

Syma X5SW

This is an FPV drone that allows real-time transmission from the drone Syma x5sw into your smartphone. Drone Syma x5sw can be controlled within 50 meters range through Wifi signals. Download the Syma Go App to experience FPV and fun flight modes.

Syma Go App is compatible with both iOS and Android, so you don’t need to worry about that. Headless mode and 6-axis flight control make it easier for kids and beginners to learn flying a drone.

Drone Syma X5SW can hover into the air for more than 7 minutes, charging batteries won’t take more than 90-120 minutes, once the batteries are charged your drone is good to fly.


You want to fly your drone but it’s raining outside, ever wonder what are you lacking? You need a waterproof drone, so it doesn’t matter what’s the weather outside you can fly whenever you want. JJRC mini drone H31 is a high-performance waterproof drone that is 100% water resilient, perfect to fly in rainy days.

6 axis gyro improves the stability and performance of the JJRC H31 drone, it could fly in the air for up to 8 minutes. Once the batteries are consumed, recharging them takes almost an hour. Headless mode, one key return and 360 flips are the fun features to make this drone interesting for kids. There is no camera integrated, this is an action drone. There’s a 7 segment LCD in the remote controller to display flight data.

Best Drones For Kids Under 200 Dollars

If you’re looking for mini drones for kids, then you’ll find pretty good drones under 100 dollars. But, if you can increase your price range to 200 dollars you can find some pretty great drones that are suitable for kids and even experts. Here have a look at these amazing drones with camera for kids under 200 dollars:

Potensic T25 GPS Drone

Potensic is an emerging company in the drone industry, right now best-selling drones on Amazon are Potensic drones. Potensic T25 GPS drone is an advanced camera drone that can provide live-streaming in 1080p. Flight time of Potensic T25 drone is up to 10 minutes and it could fly within 980 feet away from the controller.

Design of Potensic T25 is similar to DJI Phantom 4 Pro, it can fly stably in windy environments. With dual GPS locate your drone anywhere and fly more accurately. Advanced 9-axis gyro stabilizes Potensic T25 in windy areas which allow distortion-free video recording.

The camera of Potensic T25 is pretty decent, you can record videos in 1080p. The camera can move 75 degrees vertically and 120 wide-range lens covers the maximum area. Enjoy intelligent flight modes and let your drone do the work for you. With Follow Me mode, select any obstacle and your drone will follow it anywhere you go, record your adventures more easily with Potensic T25 Drone. Connect your drone with your smartphone using Potensic drone app, once the Wifi connection is succeeded, your drone is good to fly.

Potensic T35

Potensic T35 is an upgrade version of Potensic T25 drone, this amazing drone is perfect for kids. To shoot stunning videos and enjoy real-time HD transmission, you won’t a better drone is such price range.

The camera of Potensic T35 supports 1080p HD video recording, the camera can be adjusted 90 degrees vertically to shoot videos in a different style. The size of Potensic T35 is bigger than T25 Potensic drone, but the batteries are way more powerful. 2500 mAh batteries provide the flight time of 15 minutes.

Download Potensic drone app to see the world from your drone’s camera, Potensic T35 drone can fly around 180 through the app. Use a remote controller to control your drone within the range of 500 meters.

You can do flight planning with Draw Dots features, create a path by drawing dots on the map and your drone will reach that location on autopilot. Potensic T35 also supports 3D VR, 12 MP HD camera you won’t let you find the difference between real-life and real-time video transmission.

Potensic T18

Potensic T18 is a great selfie drone that can hover in the air for 8-10 minutes. Locate your drone using GPS, GLONASS technology improves precision and stability. The advance controller lets you control your drone and enjoy different flight modes without connecting smartphone.

Bring back your drone with just once click to you by using Return Home feature. Potensic T18 comes with advanced flight modes including Follow Me, Draw The Dot, Headless Mode, and Altitude Hold.

Record your moments with 1080p HD camera that can rotate 75 degrees vertically. Low voltage alarm starts beeping once the battery is low. 9-axis gyro stabilization technology stabilized your drone during take-off and in strong winds. Fly in beginners mode if this is your first drone, with Potensic T28 drone you’ll become an expert in no time.


These are the best drone toys for kids and beginners, you can easily find them on Amazon and try out the features yourself. To learn drone flying, find a large space with no obstacles around, a park would be a great option. These drones are for kids and beginners, so you don’t need a license from the FAA to fly your drone, just don’t fly in restricted areas or near airports.